Electrical Services: Why Your Business Might Need Scheduled Electrical Maintenance.

benefits of scheduled electrical maintenance for your business

Commercial electrical maintenance is a necessity for keeping your business up and running. The moment a business decides to forgo a scheduled maintenance plan is the moment they could be saying goodbye to their existing power budget. Though considered cost-effective in the short term, reactive electrical services provide a high-risk, low-reward scenario that could end up costing you a pretty penny in repair fees. So let’s explore why a “Don’t fix what ain’t broke” mentality may create more issues and setbacks than it’s worth, and why investing in planned or scheduled electrical maintenance is the way to go. 

How Does Scheduled Electrical Maintenance Benefit a Business?


For starters, it might not! The difference between scheduled maintenance and reactive electrical services is that the latter will only be an expenditure when a problem arises. Although ongoing expenses on scheduled maintenance may not present you with a critical issue at hand every time, it will ensure safety, and keep financial costs low whenever a more serious issue arises within your commercial electrical system. It also means that these major problems – which are usually only solved through expensive and invasive reactive electrical services – are far less likely to occur. 


Reactive repair efforts may not always work, either. If a problem is identified that hasn’t been dealt with through a regular upkeep model, it has the potential to cost you a hefty sum in replacement parts, renovation, or even non-compliance fees. Scheduled commercial electrical maintenance is insurance on the continued viability of your business.


It will also aid in the continued effort to optimise your business expenses. Receiving scheduled maintenance also means that your system continues to run at its most efficient. Also, if there are small upgrades that can help your energy output, these can be done simply and effectively by your scheduled maintenance team. These are all long term cost-saving initiatives that far outweigh the price of only greasing the squeaky wheel.

So What Preventative Commercial Electrical Maintenance Should I Get Done?


There are many important components of reliable scheduled maintenance. Each one is used to ensure your business’ safety and optimisation within the grid. 


For example, testing and tagging is the act of ensuring a component’s reliability and marking its approval. This helps ensure the safety of the people in your business whenever they come into contact with appliances and tools, while also minimising the risk of unanticipated electrical hazards. 


Switchboard maintenance and inspection, generator servicing, and emergency lighting testing and compliance checks all aim to make sure your commercial electrical system is running smoothly from start to finish, whatever the weather. In addition, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) testing and servicing is paramount as well, particularly for businesses that have equipment and tools that need to run 24/7.  


Preventative electrical maintenance can also consist of simpler upgrades, such as globe, lamp and fixture replacement.  Above all, having a regular team inspecting and diagnosing potential faults will save you immeasurably on your potential overheads.

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