Safety Performance

Safety of our people and those around us is second to none.

We are a safety-focused company. The well being of our people and those around us is embedded in our culture.

We consistently audit, review and execute our safety systems. All Cablewise employees are provided with relevant and specific to the task PPE. Cablewise provides complete, clear and concise site-specific SWMS or JSAs, all utilising the risk matrix format as well as the hierarchy of controls to identify risk rankings based on the likelihood and consequence of stated events.

Some of the following internal safety systems we undertake include:


Isolation Procedure

Electrical safety is paramount, we take the strongest approach working on electrical services to ensure the risk is eliminated to our employees and others.

Energisation Toolbox

Energisation of installations can carry risk when there are a significant number of trades and contractors involved. We make it a priority to ensure that all people on site are aware of the electrical risks prior to the commissioning and energisation of an electrical installation.


Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks are regularly conducted each month on mobilised sites, covering relevant safety updates and regulatory industry changes.

Site Safety Audit Procedure

A strong safety culture requires accountability and execution of procedures. Our audit process is conducted on all active job sites, measuring the effectiveness of our safety procedures and ensuring they are followed by all employees and management teams.

Cablewise Safety Committee

The Cablewise Safety Committee consists of the Business Manager and lead electricians who meet regularly to discuss and review procedures so
they are relevant to our everyday operations.

Reflecting on any industry changes or governing body instructions, the Cablewise Safety Committee ensures the information and actions arising
from these important meetings are effectively communicated to all Cablewise employees.

The Cablewise Safety Committee continues to develop and implement the existing safety procedures, whilst striving to ensure all required elements of safety within our industry are captured, with the long-term goal of AS4801 accreditation.

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